Working at MACS is so much more than just a job. Our amazing staff and volunteers make a lasting difference to the lives of hundreds of children and young people every year.

If you want to work at MACS and help support children and young people who haven’t had a fair deal, please check out our current job opportunities.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, here are some other great reasons to work for MACS.

Attractive terms & conditions

At MACS, we value staff work-life balance. We offer many flexible working options, family-friendly work arrangements, 30 day + stats leave entitlement, competitive maternity leave and sick pay package.

We also offer competitive salaries, higher than average pension contributions and paid days off for learning and development.

Working environment

We have a relaxed and supportive working environment and we expect all staff commit to and embrace the culture of the organisation.

  • Be fabulously flexible – flexible working (can be requested from day one of appointment).
  • Work away from the office – staff have the opportunity to work from home using remote working software.
  • Staff autonomy – no signing off TOIL – we trust our staff manage their own working week.
  • Time when you need it – enhanced annual leave, maternity, Carers Leave and Sick Pay packages.
  • Family friendly environment to bring your child or even dog to work – unexpected events don’t prevent you from doing your job.

Award winning employer