If you’re thinking about getting your own place but feel you’re not quite ready to take it all on, Supported Housing can help you.

We have self-contained flats you can move into for up to two years and get support to be better prepared to run your own home in the future.

Our supported housing is staffed 24/7 by experienced housing and support workers. They will help you with:

  • Making sure you have the right money coming in, setting up bank accounts, dealing with benefits offices and forms
  • Budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning up, running your home
  • Making your flat a home for you, personalising your space, painting, decorating
  • Sorting out repairs and paying bills
  • Registering with doctor and dentist,
  • Improving your physical and mental health
  • Keeping safe
  • Being a good neighbour and getting involved in the community
  • Building relationships with other young people and the staff
  • Participation in MACS groups and events
  • Support to establish and maintain links with other organisations that could help you
  • Support to access training, education and employment

There’s more to living at MACS than what’s listed above,  so talk to us about what support you would like and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. We also offer lots of opportunities for you to give us your ideas, thoughts and feedback on what you would like to do and what we could do better.



If you are aged 16-21 years old and are ready to leave residential or foster care, we may be the place for you. We have eighteen one-bedroomed flats in the University area, sixteen of these are for young people from the Belfast Trust area, and two for young people from the South Eastern Trust area. This accommodation is provided in partnership with Helm Housing Association.


We have seven one bedroomed flats in Canal Street, run in partnership with Choice Housing Association. We offer accommodation for both young people leaving care and who used to be in care. Canal Street is a great spot and handy to just about everything you will need.

Opened in March 2014, all referrals must come through your social worker. You must be aged between 16-21 years old to be referred to this supported accommodation. This accommodation is only available to young people who are care experienced.


In Downpatrick we have six self-contained flats where you can stay for up to two years. These flats are for young people aged 16-21, three of these are for young people leaving care, and three are for young people who are homeless. We also have 2 ‘assessment flats’ for 16 – 17 year olds who present to the Housing Executive as homeless. This emergency accommodation is provided to allow the South Eastern Trust to complete a UNOCINI assessment within 10 working days.


Opened in July 2016, and run in partnership with Fold Housing, we have a mix of accommodation in Lisburn. There are seven self-contained flats for young people who are leaving care or who are homeless and are aged 16 – 21 years old. If you move into one of these flats you can stay for up to two years.

We also have two flats, for short-term (10 days) emergency accommodation for 16 – 17 year olds who present to the Housing Executive as homeless. This emergency accommodation is provided to allow the South Eastern Trust to complete a UNOCINI assessment.

What young people said

I feel like I am finally getting the right help since moving into MACS. Nobody seemed to know what they were doing before and since moving in here my CPN, Social Worker and Project Worker have all come together to support me.

One of the best supports I have ever had.

My time in MACS was good – it helped me to manage my anger and money. The only bad bit was when I had to leave. I learned how to budget and be independent. It helped me so much and I will be forever thankful.

More Information

Download the handbook for more information or find out how to get supported housing.

Supported Housing Handbook