Friday was an extremely special day for MACS. For the past few months we’ve been fervently planning the best Mad Hatters Tea Party themed ‘Big Day Out’ we possibly could for our inspiring young people.

There was food, fun, and plenty of dancing! We had garden games, a caricaturist, DJ and even a ‘Hatwalk’ where our young people strutted up and down the bowling green at Castle Gardens, Lisburn, modeling the hats they designed themselves. Every young person that attended fully threw themselves into having a truly amazing day.

Supporters of MACS, including the NIHE, Redbox Kitchen, The PHA, and Supporting People were in attendance, amongst others and we truly take our (mad hatter) hats off to Lisburn & Castlereagh Council who helped us plan and organise this event.

Thank you all for making this day great

Melíosa, Trevor, Rebecca, Rosie & all at team MACS

#MadHatter #BigDayOut