The MACS Board is the core group of people who guide and direct the organisation.

They also ensure the organisation meet its legal and financial obligations. Positions on the Board are voluntary and unpaid.

  • Barry Smyth

    Barry Smyth, Chair

    I have over 20 years’ experience of working within the Community and Voluntary sector and has 11 years’ experience of working within the homeless field delivering and managing a range of services including direct access homeless accommodation, floating support services and family services. I am currently the Northern Ireland Area Manager for the Alzheimer’s Society and I’m responsible for the development and delivery of a variety of dementia services throughout Northern Ireland.

    Why MACS?

    I have been a member of the MACS Board of Directors for 3 years and I’m the current Chair. I became involved in the work of MACS as I believe that MACS makes a real difference in the lives of children and young people, providing them with the support and opportunities for them to thrive in life.

  • Andrea Mccooke

    Andrea McCooke

    I’m an accredited CEDR Mediator and hold a BA in Business Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. I’m currently a Director in Local Government, with almost 20 years’ experience working in senior roles with responsibility for Human Resources & Organisational Development for a number of local Councils across Northern Ireland. I am also a volunteer for a local charity, Links2Pink, who raise money to provide support for families suffering from illness in the borough of Antrim.

    Why MACS?

    I joined MACS because of their mission statement: “Young people who haven’t had a fair deal deserve a chance”, and that’s what MACS offers so well - this resonated with me.

  • Brian Mccormick

    Brian McCormick

    I am a professionally qualified counsellor/psychotherapist experienced working with clients across private practice; community counselling; public sector; and school counselling. I am also a former finance sector professional with senior management experience in strategic planning; business change management; leadership; and performance management.

    Why MACS?

    I first joined MACS as a volunteer mentor. In that role, I had the opportunity of seeing, at first hand, the great work that MACS does. I am always impressed by how MACS considers young people in every decision that is made and how MACS involves young people in the decision-making process. When I had the opportunity, I had no hesitation in joining the Board. I hope to bring to this role the experiences and knowledge I have gained both in the commercial sector and as a counsellor/psychotherapist.

  • Joyce Agnew

    Joyce Agnew

    After university, I spent around ten years working in Financial Services. After my second child was born, I took a complete career break but as I approached my 40th birthday, I knew that I wanted to work again and this time in a different environment. Re-entering the world of work meant starting at the bottom for a second time, but I was fortunate to secure a job with an incredibly supportive employer, Strategic Investment Board.

    Why MACS?

    It was through my employer that I was encouraged to apply for Boardroom Apprentice, which led me to MACS NI, first as an apprentice, and more recently as a board member. My interest in serving on the board of MACS was primarily because I feel that the young people whom MACS offers support to are some of the most vulnerable and overlooked in our society; too often they are unfairly held responsible for circumstances that are beyond their control, and are expected to function as adults in a world that is hostile to them. The work that MACS does is invaluable in supporting and empowering their service users in order to allow them to move on in life, and to look to the future rather than being defined by their past. It is my hope that by participating as a board member, I can make a contribution to this work

  • Liguori Dobbin

    Liguori Dobbin

    I am now retired after four decades in the Financial Services Industry, having senior management experience at strategic management, governance and regulation, leadership, and change management. I am also an adoptive mum and have experience and an understanding of the challenges facing young people who have not had a fair deal. I’m currently Interim Chair of Generaion Innovation @ Catalyst and I am a member of the Adoption UK Steering Committee in NI. I am currently a Board member of BOI Staff Third World Fund.

    Why MACS?

    After having successfully been accepted by Boardroom Apprentice in 2018, I began my apprenticeship with MACS NI for 12 months before being accepted onto their Board in 2019. I was extremely impressed with their pioneering approach especially around the Therapeutic House and Muddy Paws. I continue to be inspired by how MACS provide development opportunities for young people and how they empower them by incorporating young people in the decision-making process which may change their lives.

  • Eve Brennan

    Eve Brennan

    I am a Young Leader in Led By You. I began volunteering for Led By You in 2018 after having received support from MACS as a teenager. I joined the MACS Board in September 2020 and I am currently working as a software engineer while completing a degree in Digital Technology Solutions.

    Why MACS?

    I chose to volunteer for MACS because of its friendly atmosphere and youth led approach to tackling issues that affect young people.

  • Stephen Green

    Stephen Green

    I am an ACCA qualified accountant and the Financial Controller of Simply Nuc Limited, a US owned technology company based in Bangor. I was the Finance Manager at Fold/Radius Housing Association for twelve years where I was a member of the Finance Committee and Audit & Risk Committee. I am also the treasurer for Kids in Control, a local professional theatre charity engaging with young people, and treasurer for North Down Cycling Club.

    Why MACS?

    I previously worked with MACS during my time at Fold Housing Association with the construction of their accommodation for young people in Lisburn. I also have two friends who work as Support Managers and loved hearing the progress the Lisburn scheme was making and was invited to attend a BBQ at Lisburn just after the opening. I was also talked into attending the Sleepout event. When MACS advertised the recruitment of Board members then I jumped at the chance.

  • Conor Coughlin

    Conor Coughlin

    I currently work for the NI Housing Executive responsible for the organisation’s Programme and Project Management. I achieved a Masters qualifications in Corporate Governance and Business Development & Innovation. I have professional qualifications in Strategy, Risk Management, Project Management and Programme Management. I have extensive public and private sector experience of Project and Programme Management, Strategy Development and Implementation, Risk and Issue Management, Governance, Planning, Auditing and Performance Management and Review

    Why MACS?

    I joined MACS NI board because of the reputation of the organisation, the work it does and the impact it has, and I wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of children and young people in Northern Ireland.

  • Laura Lee Quigley

    Laura-Lee Quigley

    I have a professional background in Health and Social Care working in Performance Management, Fostering and Health and Wellbeing. Most recently I have been working within a Recruitment and Business Development capacity providing employment opportunities and HR advice for Health and Social Care Teams in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland including organisations like MACS.

    Why MACS?

    I first came across MACS during my time sourcing placements for children and young people requiring foster placements and support leaving care. I was impressed with the feedback from the young people who had visited and worked with MACS. I am excited to be part of an organisation that listens to the voices of young people and designs services that make a positive and long-term impact in their lives.

  • Martin Meek

    I have over 16 years’ experience working within the social housing/supported housing sector, with over 12 years of these years in management/leadership roles. Since graduating from University after completing the BSc Housing Management Degree, 10 years of my career saw a focus working with the more vulnerable tenant groups assisting with those with varying degrees of accommodation support needs e.g. those with mental ill health, a learning disability, dementia, autism, those with addictions, homeless and young people leaving care. I have extensive experience working with Voluntary Organisations and local Health Trusts both in Northern Ireland and ROI. Throughout my working life I have always championed the rights of those with complex housing needs and I was very involved in the management and development of new supported living schemes. In recent years I have returned to core housing management and maintenance services in Belfast as Area Manager for Choice Housing. Therefore, I have a broad knowledge & understanding in dealing with housing management issues, supported housing and Joint Management Agreements.

    Why MACS?

    I believe in the culture and ethos of MACS and see it as something I would very much like to be a part of. I previously worked with MACS senior staff on former and current accommodation projects through my work at Choice Housing. During this time I personally seen the excellent work the staff do in delivering great services and empowering young people. When I saw an opportunity to work closely with the Board and Senior Team I knew it was a position I would enjoy. I am very keen to get more involved with MACS as I have a passion for the work they do and I believe my attributes and experience can support the wider team on their journey onto greater opportunities.