G Volunteer Mentor

We are always so proud and grateful for our wonderful volunteers at MACS.

They have racked up an amazing 5,239 hours directly working with our young people. This week we’ll look at some of the work they have done over the year.

This is G and here is her story of mentoring with MACS.

I’ve been with MACS for over two years now and it’s been a real blast.
I’ve found out things I’ve liked and haven’t liked about myself through training sessions and coaching. I’ve met lovely people who are working with or volunteering for MACS.

The best bit is being matched with young folk. I’ve had loads of good craic trying new things and introducing the young un’s to things I enjoy doing. The enthusiasm and positive attitude I’ve been met with motivates me enormously.

I’ve loved having a picnic under the bushes in the rain, being terrified on the ice rink, listening to stories at 9 x ten, going to movies that I’d normally pass on, reconnecting to the slides in the swimming pool, pretending to be Tarzan in the woods, hiking up hills where my guide is more knowledgeable than me, and I never thought I’d say I’d be involved in a cookery class over Whats app. But hey, everyday is a school day. It’s been a buzz and I’ll have to do more.

G, Mentoring Volunteer

If you fancy joining us, check out our website for the latest volunteer positions.

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