Young people experiencing homelessness are one of the most at risk groups in our communities. No home, no bed, no security and no stability – being homeless is exhausting and affects every part of a young person’s life.

No wonder they take risks to find somewhere to sleep and feel safe. Today as part of #HomelessAwarenessWeek, we are re-sharing a story of one of our young people and their journey through homelessness.

MACS are honoured to be able to support young people through their journeys and empowering them to survive. Young people often become homeless because it’s safer to leave home than to stay. Family breakdown, mental health, welfare reform and lack of affordable housing are just some of the many reasons why youth homelessness exists.

If someone in your life could benefit from support by our teams based across Belfast/Lisburn/Downpatrick & Newry Areas please reach out to us today.

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