I started getting support from MACS when I was living at home and things weren’t going well.

It got to the point when I had to leave home, I stayed in a few different places and then MACS helped me to go to the Housing Executive and get a temporary flat.

I continued to get support while I was looking for permanent accommodation, but my mental health got worse and it was hard to keep on top of things. I was admitted to hospital and when I was discharged I went back to the temporary accommodation. I really needed more intensive support to help me get back on my feet.

A flat became available in MACS and my support worker talked to me about moving into it. I found it hard at times living in MACS but I worked really hard and took all the support offered. I was supported to look for opportunities to develop my skills and found I was managing my money and day to day life much better. I got more confident in my own ability to manage a home and began to goto Prince’s Trust Northern Ireland in Belfast.

Feeling ready to move on and taking things into my hands I secured a private rental property in the area I wanted to live in. I was supported to move on and it was well planned and really positive.

Since moving into my new place I still meet with my Floating Support Worker, I make sure the kettled is boiled for when she calls out to see me. I’ve just started a Beauty course, my house is my home and things are going really well.

~ Shannon

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