Jessica 3

Before working alongside MACS, I lacked the confidence to do many basic things particularly making phone calls by myself as I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to reply properly.

I have now developed a lot more confidence in my own abilities, I also have my own flat and have started back at college again which I am really enjoying.

Jessica 2

I no longer need the support of my worker to make phone calls for me as I feel confident enough to do this  myself.

Despite my lack of confidence at the start, I was so determined to get stuck into any group activities even though I didn’t know anyone. I knew I wouldn’t be supported with MACS for a long time so this motivated me to make the most of the time and to get to know everyone.

Jessica 1

My favourite T5 activity was the trip to Newcastle as I got to spend the afternoon with all my new friends. I also loved going to PRIDE and walking in the parade with MACS.

I also enjoyed representing MACS at various events especially the Children in Need Event. I am looking forward to getting involved in Led by You and the Shadow Board very soon.

~ Jessica

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