Mark & Rachel from Frontline network

Today, we were delighted to attend an event hosted by #FrontlineNetwork, and facilitated by Homeless Connect.

Research completed by St Martin in the Fields Charity was presented, reflecting the challenges encountered by Frontline workers in the homeless sector. This included statistics such as:

✅ 78% of frontline workers saw the demand for their service increase within the last 12 months.
✅ 44% of frontline workers said it was difficult or very difficult to get time to undertake training
✅ 86% of frontline workers who undertook the survey said they needed additional support with the rising cost of living.

This event was an ideal opportunity for MACS to meet with frontline workers from other agencies, such as Womens Aid & NIHE.

Thank you to Mark and Rachel for organising it and for the invaluable financial support that St Martins in the Field have extended to MACS staff over the years.

~ Melíosa, Belfast and Lisburn floating support teams

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