A massive thank you to all our volunteers who have selflessly given so much to our MACS young people over the past year.

Even throughout a very strange year our volunteers have done so much for those they help.

I want to thank them for the effort and support they have given the young people.

Thank you!

~ Sarah Ann, Wellbeing Worker

portrait of Sarah, Wellbeing Worker
Sarah Anne Wellbeing Worker
Amy Stothers, Volunteer Coordinator
Amy Stothers, Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you to each and everyone of our volunteers in MACS. Everyone of you have been on your own journey to becoming a MACS volunteer and it is that journey that brings individualism, creativity, and diversity to the excellent volunteer team that we have in MACS.

Your enthusiasm and passion for getting the young people at MACS to where they want to be is remarkable!

~ Amy, Volunteer Coordinator

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