Antonio & his mentor Brian have been matched for nearly 3 months – without much time to take a breath.

Antonio & Brian caricature
Antonio & Brian
Antonio and stephen nolan
Antonio and stephen nolan

These guys have gone cycling, circuit training, walked up the black mountain, gone to the driving range, toured Stormont and very recently…..The Nolan Show!

Antonio wasn’t behind the door either and had an opportunity to ask a question, needless to say, we think Nolan may have met his match ?

Brian is an incredible mentor – he’s shown a lot of dedication, researching trips, being a listening ear and is always well-up for the craic! Antonio’s no slouch either. This fella has more ideas for meetings than I’ve had hot dinners! He’s very focused and is definitely matching Brian on the dedication stakes!!

With their match due to run for 6 months, I’m looking forward to seeing them smash their goals out of the park and finding out what weird & wonderful activities they’ll be getting up to next!

~ Scott, Wellbeing Worker

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