Although the weather wasn’t on our side last night, our fantastic hosts at Colin Glen Allotments allowed us to hold it in their ‘grow tunnel’.

All you keen gardeners out there will know what that is, for those of you who don’t, it’s a big tunnel, covered in a plastic sheet that when it’s given a ‘sprinkle of MACS’, made for a very picturesque and unique setting!

We weren’t to be deterred by the weather, we do after all live in NI, making us skilled in the art of having BBQs when most don’t! I want to say a massive thank you! We had staff, potential new volunteers, some of our current mentors and our ever popular MACS Singers also made a very welcome appearance too!

We do these events to show gratitude and mark the incredible work volunteers undertake for MACS. Watch this space for more events coming up to bring our volunteer team together and celebrate the invaluable support you provide to the MACS family!

~ Scott, Volunteer Coordinator ?

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