Matthew Volunteer

Volunteering at MACS gives you a feeling of usefulness and being proactive while always having fun.

It’s not so often you can volunteer with a charity and have the opportunity to get to know the people you’re helping and really see and feel the changes you’re making in the friendships you build. Whether that’s in group work, helping out at events or doing a three month mentoring match.

You also start to feel a member of a diverse and interesting community very quickly!

Though you mainly do it to help others and give back. Volunteering as a mentor and helping out with some groups has really helped me in many ways. It has boosted my confidence, developed my interpersonal skills further, taught me what true empathy is and shown me how you can actually help people and make a difference beyond fundraising and sponsored events (though these things are important too), with interactions, conversations and building relationships.

~ Matthew, Volunteer at MACS

Find out you can become a volunteer mentor like Matthew and help young people who’ve not had a fair deal in life.