Mya And Max Muddy Paws

Led by You is here to help you get involved, have your say and provide you with opportunities to influence how we do things at MACS.

Are you a young person (aged 16 – 25) who:

  • Wants to make a difference to young people’s lives?
  • Are passionate and want to make a change?
  • Believes young people should be involved and have in a say in decisions that affect them?
  • Wants to take part in Social Action?
  • Wants to become a Leader?

We will help you by:

  • Working with you one-to-one and with other Young Leaders to build your confidence and teach you the skills to help other young people have their say and get involved
  • Provide you with a wide range of training to get you where you want to be, help you build your CV and get into the training/education that you want
  • Support your professional and personal development by providing 1-to-1 support, guidance, information and advice
  • Encouraging you to have a voice and work with the other Young Leaders to tell us what is important for young people and what needs to change

What type of things do Young Leaders do?

  • Create our (amazing!) Annual Report
  • Plan and deliver their own groups with young people
  • Consultations with other young people in MACS to get feedback on how we’re doing
  • Take part in consultations on issues affecting young people e.g mental health, homelessness.
  • Help develop key documents for the organisation e.g. participation handbook, blogs
  • Help create new services e.g MACS Muddy Paws
  • Help run campaigns & events e.g Pride, racism groups

How to get involved

Want to get involved? Please fill in this short referral form.