You only need to look back over the last week to see how much our young people and staff team appreciate our volunteers – but we’re not done yet!

Here are a few more of our mentoring matches that want to tell you a bit more about why they’ve loved their experience and to say thank you to each other!

My second match within MACS is with the lovely Emma. We have been matched for two weeks and although a short period of time I have enjoyed every minute of it! Week one we made a tasty rainbow cake and week two, some animal origami. We have plenty in common so lots to talk about! I can’t wait for all the fun things we have planned in the up coming weeks! Volunteering within MACS has been nothing but pleasure especially meeting all of the lovely young people and having memories that will last forever.

Sarah Jane, Mentoring Volunteer

Even though myself and Sarah-Jane have only been matched for 2 weeks I have really enjoyed are time together so far. We have already learnt how to make an amazing rainbow cake and have made some fabulous original animals. Getting matched is a decision that I don’t regret and would recommend it. We have similar hobbies which is a great thing and we get on really well. I am greatly looking forward to doing more things with her.

Emma, young person in MACS

Dear Joyce, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. I am truly, truly grateful for you putting up with me and my craziness and weirdness. I have loved getting to know you and working with you to learn new skills such as origami as well as getting me to read a book for the first time in 2 or so years. Many many thanks for all the support I have received from yourself. I am truly grateful.

Rachel, young person in MACS

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