Rachael Volunteer Mentor

Within my work, we are encouraged to take two volunteer days per year, which prompted me to look at different charities within Northern Ireland.

Seeing young people homeless on the streets in Belfast has always been something which saddens me. I read the background of MACs and thought it was a fantastic opportunity to get alongside young people who have not had the best start in life and some who potentially were, or could be at risk of homelessness. I am enjoying being a part of the MACs family and have met some incredibly inspirational people, both in training and mentoring.

For anyone considering getting involved with MACs I would say go for it!! You expect to impart wisdom to young people however I found the young people and their stories have taught me so much about perserverance, strength and joy!!

Get involved! 🙂

~ Rachael, Mentoring Volunteer

Help create a change in someone’s life by mentoring with us! ?

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